Core Content Topics Covered

Identify Your Ideal Customer

The first and most important part of creating content is to understand who you are creating the content for. Who is your target market? Understanding your customer helps you to know where to start, and what content to include.

What Problem Are You Solving?

When creating a course, you are solving a problem. Our program helps you think through what problem you are solving for your ideal customer.

Creating Your Course Outline

Learn best practices for creating an outline for your course. Create a course outline that will create high engagement for your students throughout the course.

Adult Learning Principles

The most successful courses utilize adult learning principles to ensure they are meeting the needs of customers. You will learn the principles and how to implement content that aligns with the principles to ensure you are meeting the needs of your students.

Creating Non-Course Content

Learn how to create digital downloads including ebooks, templates and how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

Create Highly Engaging Slides

Content can be presented with and without slides. You will learn to create slides that are engaging so you can avoid overwhelming students with boring slides or in some cases too many slides.

Selecting Equipment & Software

There are so many options that you could purchase that it can be overwhelming. Learn what equipment you need to successfully create your course. We'll also walk through what to watch out for as you make your first recordings.

Writing & Practicing Your Script

Learn to create a script that sounds conversational and engaging. Then practice your script before recording. You'll learn what things to watch out for when practicing. You'll also learn how to setup your workspace for optimal workflow when recording.

Recording Your Content

If you have never recorded content before this can be a bit unnerving. Learn how to bring your authentic self out when recording and avoid common mistakes.

Editing Your Course

Editing can be a time-consuming task when not done right. Learn how to edit your content and best practices for editing content for a professional appearance.

Publishing Your Course

After you have edited your course, it's time to publish. You'll learn how to prepare your course for publishing, and we'll talk through platforms that you can utilize to publish your course.

Marketing Your Course

Build it and they will come doesn't work. We'll talk about how to set yourself up for success for getting sales for your course.

I help women, leaders, and aspiring leaders to learn the critical skills needed to break the glass ceiling and level up their careers.

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