Are You tired, fed up, burnt out from facing constant challenges?

It’s time to change the narrative.  At Cognito Business Coaching we understand the hurdles that come with entrepreneurship.  Our Entrepreneur Accelerator isn’t just a program-it’s a partnership designed to transform those challenges into stepping stones for success.

Our comprehensive approach gives you access to strategies that drive growth and innovation.  Join us and start navigating your journey with confidence and clarity.

Connect with Others Who Get It.

We understand the relentless drive to succeed and the sleepless night trying to move the needle. You are not alone. Turn your journey into a collaborative adventure filled with learning, mutual support, and collective strength.

Do you want to learn, connect, be inspired, and empowered?

This is where you belong. A community and support network built on learning, connection, and collaboration.

We Accelerate Your Learning, Building, and Growing.


You are buying a membership where we accelerate your results. A community with like-minded individuals and resources to enhance your learning, support you in building your business, and scale your growth.


Our in-depth learning paths arm you with all the necessary tools including live sessions, courses, templates, and more. Get the knowledge you need to set up and manage your business.


Build a business that compliments your lifestyle. One that runs continuously whether you are present or not. Escape the burnout and unlock your freedom.


Propel your business to towering heights by adopting a growth mindset, while belonging to a community that will hold you accountable and offer valuable support as you scale.


Share your challenges with someone who truly gets it, and celebrate your victories with those who understand the struggles behind the success. Find inspiration in the stories of others walking the same path.

What Level Of Support Do You Want?

EmpowerU Live Events

We get it. You want to hear from our experts and join us for our mini-workshops but want to navigate your journey on your own. We've compiled what you need into our EmpowerU package where you can attend our live sessions. Get only what you need.

Collaborative Cohorts

This program is all about balance. Live sessions are held with cohorts to discuss high-value topics. We continue to work with you in our community through discussion, challenges, hands-on exercises, gamification, and more.

VIP Coaching Accelerator

Propel your business to towering heights with hands-on support from our coaches, while belonging to a community that will hold you accountable and offer valuable support as you scale. You'll Also get one 1:1 coaching session each month focused on you and your business.

Get Exclusive Access to Our
VIP Coaching Accelerator

We Understand The Unique Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs

At Cognito Business Coaching, we place special emphasis on empowering women entrepreneurs. Understanding the unique challenges that women in business face, from balancing work and personal life to overcoming gender biases in the corporate world, our program offers the tools and support needed to thrive. Our coaching for women entrepreneurs is designed to build confidence, enhance leadership skills, and promote financial independence. We aim to create an inclusive community where women can share experiences, learn from each other, and forge pathways to success without limitations. Join us and become part of a network of thriving women ready to take the business world by storm.

Our comprehensive coaching program includes topics important to women. We also offer specialized workshops and events focused on specific areas of entrepreneurship. From branding and networking to financial management and goal setting, these workshops provide a hands-on learning experience for entrepreneurs looking to enhance their skills in a particular area. Our events bring together like-minded individuals, providing opportunities for collaboration, networking, and inspiration. These are not just events, but experiences that can truly elevate your business and personal growth.

At Cognito Business Coaching, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs realize their true potential and achieve success on their terms. Our programs and resources are constantly evolving to keep up with the ever-changing business landscape, ensuring our clients receive the best support possible.

Learn about our Women’s Accelerator Community.

Master the art of entrepreneurship under the expert guidance of Coach Tia Williams

With over 25 years of experience spanning entrepreneurship, IT, and executive leadership, Tia has scaled heights you are aspiring to reach.

Whether you are a fledgling entrepreneur keen to start with a bang or an experienced business owner looking to skyrocket your growth, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive programs cater to entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and creators alike. And we certainly haven’t forgotten our fierce female entrepreneurs, offering programs tailored to tackle the unique challenges they face.

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