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Welcome to the Cognito Leadership Training & Coaching Community.  We help you establish yourself as a trusted and capable leader so that you can empower your team with purpose, passion, productivity, and high performance.  Transform your leadership skills to elevate your impact on your team and your organization.

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Here's What You Can Expect

Be The Trusted & Capable Leader That You Aspire To Be.

Transform your leadership capabilities to impact your professional journey, and team performance.  Lead with purpose and passion to impact organizational success.

Key Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Establish yourself as a trusted leader with your team and with senior leadership 
  • Build credibility and authority so that people see you as a leader
  • Conquer imposter syndrome so you can lead your team with confidence
  • Build emotional intelligence and team trust
  • Lead through influence and demonstrate potential for senior leadership
  • Master communication, foster collaboration, and delegate effectively
  • Lead under pressure, manage change, and overcome imposter syndrome
  • Develop time, task, and outcome management skills
  • Establish a strategic mindset and compelling leadership presence

Transform your leadership. Elevate your impact. Achieve greatness.
Cognito Leadership Training & Coaching Community —Empowering Leaders. Driving Success.

What You Will Learn

The Leadership Transformation Framework

🎯 Build Credibility and Authority

Command respect and trust from your team, peers, and higher-ups to grow your sphere of influence and elevate your impact.

🎯 Conquer Imposter Syndrome

Gain the confidence and assertiveness you need to lead fearlessly, quashing any doubts about your abilities.

🎯 Hone Your Communication & Conflict Resolution Skills

Gain skills and techniques to handle tough conversations with tact and confidence to strengthen relationships and promote a positive work environment.

🎯 Develop Resilience & Decision Making

Lead effectively, even in high-stress situations. Discover methods to manage stress and stay calm under pressure so that you can make sound decisions quickly and confidently.

🎯 Be Adaptable and Emotionally Intelligent

Navigate your team through change and cultivate the ability to adapt quickly so that you can lead your team through transitions smoothly.

🎯 Enhance Your Decision Making with Data

Use data and analytics to inform strategic decisions and set clear, achievable goals that align with company mission and strategic vision.

🎯 Master The Art of Effective Meetings

Lead productive, engaging, and time-efficient meetings and get strategies for reducing the number of meetings.

🎯 Develop Skills in Delegation & Task Management

Create a team that thrives on high performance while maintaining work/life balance.

🎯 Boost Productivity with Remote Teams

Learn communication strategies and techniques to keep your team focused, motivated, and productive even when working remotely.

Meet Your Head Coach

Tia Williams

Tia has 25 years of experience across entrepreneurship, adult education and executive leadership. She has 15 years of experience teaching in traditional classrooms and cutting-edge online platforms. Tia has authored courses for Fortune 500 companies and has helped thousands of people get certified and start new careers.
As an executive she has extensive experience in strategic leadership and leading high-performing teams and her content is consistently top-rated as immersive, and impactful.
Tia’s coached and mentored individuals, leaders, and successful entrepreneurs with the philosophy that she “wants to leave everyone better off than when I found them”. Her personal mission is to transform the lives of others through learning. As founder of Cognito Business Coaching, she believes that training is evolving to be more collaborative and social with coaching, community, and peer-to-peer learning.
“As coaches we bridge the gap between learning theory, practical application & execution”
-Tia Williams

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Transform your leadership. Elevate your impact. Achieve greatness.
Leadership Skills Transformation Accelerator—Empowering Leaders. Driving Success.

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